One of the most important phases in commercial or large residential development projects is the determination of the boundary, plotting of easements (requires a Title Report and support documents be provided by client) and the mapping of topographic features into a project functional base map. This affords the design team or potential lender a real time composite picture of the site conditions and identifies potential problems that may need to be addressed before or during design. Often these maps need to meet a combination of standards for both design and financing purposes, such as "ALTA standards". Similar maps may be prepared for: court exhibits; to obtain permits; reflect as-built conditions; as attachments to agreements or deeds; or filed in the public records.

Not only does this apply to large development sites, but also applies, at least in part, to home parcel ownership or development. The largest investment most individuals or couples make is in their home. It is essential that they understand where their boundaries are and where easements, on the ground, may add to or encumber their property (requires a Title Report and support documents be provided by client). This service can only be performed by a licensed land surveyor. What is the value of knowing your new home purchase is termite free if it is located across a property line. Also, before constructing fences or building near specific setbacks, the owner should have the property lines established and monumented. A.R. Divers strongly recommends that all potential home buyers retain the services of a reputable and licensed land surveyor to provide a complete and thorough boundary survey.

The California Land Surveyor's Act describes requirements for filing Record of Surveys and Certified Corner Records. Please review the documents below to better understand these and other requirements. Also, a written contract is always required describing costs and scope, and specifically listing the client's responsibilities and the terms and conditions by which the surveyor will accept the engagement.