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Fees Explained - Fee estimates require research and often a site visit, because all fees must consider: 1.) Location, acreage, terrain, and site conditions of the project; 2.) Availability of survey data and site survey history; 3.) The type of survey and scope of services to be provided; 4.) The actual or proposed time involved to perform required or requested services; 5.) Incurred costs; 6.) Special needs in equipment or sub consultants; 7.) The individual  needs or requests of the Client; 8.) An estimate of the Consultant's liability. No two projects are exactly the same. All fees are estimated or calculated by multiplying the proposed or actual time to perform the professional service(s) by the surveyor's hourly rate, and adding in any proposed or actual incurred costs, utilized equipment or surcharge. All A.R. Divers' proposed and estimated fees apply to very specific scopes and defined deliverables. When fees are established it is usually by one of two methodologies:

1.) ACCRUED HOURLY RATES AND INCURRED COSTS. This fee is based on the sum of the actual time of each employee who charges time to the job, multiplied by their respective hourly rate and any appropriate incurred expense. The client only pays for actual time and costs. An estimate may be provided of projected hours and costs.

2.) FIXED OR LUMP SUM FEE. This fee is estimated by the firm to cover the expected time, equipment and costs related to the job and is charged as a lump sum fee to cover all contracted services. The client pays this fee with a retainer, then in a residual lump sum or installments regardless of the time or costs actually incurred.

A.R. Divers carries, Automotive and General Liability, Worker's Compensation and Errors and Omissions insurance. Insurance coverage, providers and limits are available upon request to perspective clients. Payment terms include a retainer and a signed contract, monthly percent complete billings, and a final payment due with the final documents.

Sample Contract:

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Fees and conditions are subject to change without notice.