Written descriptions of parcels or easements (often called legal descriptions) along with exhibit maps may be required to be attached to legal documents such as deeds, mortgages, and agreements where real property is involved. These descriptions and exhibits are prepared by a licensed land surveyor and describe the property being involved in the transaction. Descriptions and maps may also be attached to an abandonment or vacation of a public right of way or easement to specifically describe the land to which the public is relinquishing its rights.

These descriptions may simply reference another document such as a recorded deed or refer to all or portion of a lot or parcel on a recorded map. They may also be in the metes and bounds form where they give specific reference of bearings and distances between monuments or along referenced established and/or recorded lines. In either case the description is written so it can be retraced on either paper or the ground.

A.R. Divers prepares both written descriptions and exhibit maps.  They use the CAD systems, as described under the mapping section of this website, to prepare the exhibit maps, along with sophisticated description preparation software that extracts the line calls from the base mapping. This software greatly reduces the time of preparation while maintaining high standards of accuracy.